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A Walkthrough Of iTunes To Android Sync.

Posted by Edwin Smith to DRM Removal Solution
on May 3, 2012

Many guys can’t figure out how to sync their iTunes music, movies or TV-episodes with their Android smart phone or tablet. Here I will walk you through the process of getting iTunes onto Android in detail.


1. Check your music and video files in your iTunes folder on computer. They need to be DRM-free, because the .m4p/.m4v formatted files are encrypted by DRM (FairPlay) that stop you playing them anywhere other than iDevices. Fortunately, Apple has announced all music on iTunes will go DRM-free gradually, so most of your recent purchases should be without DRM. However, if you really want to copy your copyrighted .m4p/.m4v iTunes files to Android device, the Tip1 below tell you an easy solution to this problem.


2. Connect your USB connector to both your Android device and computer.


3. Then there will say “USB connected …” in the dialog box on your Android device. Touch the “Turn on USB storage” button to mount your SD card.


If it is the first time you connect your Android device to computer, you need to download and install a corresponding USB drive software onto your computer otherwise you probably can’t connect Android phone/tablet to a computer via USB. If your computer still can’t find the connection, I advise you to remove the SD card, wait 1 minutes, put the SD card back and restart the device to see if it works. if it fails, test on a different computer, you may have firewalls or similar blocking a USB connection.


4. After connecting the Android to computer, go to your computer, open Windows Explorer (if on Windows) and navigate to your SD card.


5. On the removable disk, create some specific folders like “songs from iTunes”, “movies from iTunes” etc. for storing digital media files from iTunes.


6. Drag and drop music/movie/television files from your iTunes folder(s) to these new folders on SD card correspondingly. You don't have to do that if you don't want to. You can just copy over the folders you want from the iTunes directory to the default folders of your Android devices. The default Android media player app will scan them and add them to it automatically.


7. When the file transfer is complete, go back to your Android device and press the “Turn Off USB Storage”. After a few seconds, you can unplug your Android devices from the computer safely.


8. That’s it. Now you can start to play/watch iTunes music or movies on Android smart phone or tablet.


Tips for you:


1. If you badly want to copy/play copyrighted iTunes .m4p/.m4v files onto your Android devices, you can free download this decent DRM removal software to convert .m4p/.m4v to DRM-free format .mp3/.mp4 for Android device. It is very easy to use.


2. If you want to get your iTunes rentals which has a limited preserved period on computer to Android devices, you need to keep iTunes rentals on your computer firstly.



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