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How to make the highest quality DVD rip?

Someone who want to redistribute their DVD’s often ask that “How do I rip from a DVD without losing quality?” or “How to convert a VOB file to AVI preserving the original video quality?” Actually, it is currently impossible to keep the original quality when ripping/converting a DVD except for copying the entire MPEG-2 video stream from the the DVD.


All we can do is to find a best DVD Ripper software to prevent two much quality loss. However, this is easily said than done. Many famous software companies are unwilling to develop the DVD Ripper software because of the legal issue, so the only software you will find will be from companies you may not have heard of. Make a Google/Bing search with the “DVD Ripper software” for a list of options, then download and test several DVD Ripper software with a DVD to see which one can produce the highest output quality. If you have no time to do this, you can look for some DVD Ripper software review Comparisons to decide on the right program for yourself.


Some useful tips for preventing a lot of quality loss when ripping a DVD with a DVD Ripper.


1. When setting the output parameters, keep ratio, size, etc. same as original then anything you lose depends on the output format you select. (You can try the multi-pass encoding to grab as much of the copied quality as you can, by the way.)


2. If you can, please select AVI as output format when ripping a DVD. Because most of AVI files adopt Xvid or Divx for compression. This compresses better than mpeg-2 (which DVD uses) and therefore give smaller file sizes.


3. If you need to edit the video file ripped from a DVD, do your edits from your MPEG2 DVD material first and then rip it.


4. If you want to get a DVD to iPad2, iPhone, Kindle Fire or other PVPs for watching, I suggest you to download and install a powerful media player app which supports the .vob files so that you don’t need to convert the DVD. However, the original VOB files will eat up your device’s hard disk quickly.


The article is entirely written by Kerwin Liu who is a Tech products geek, Funny smartphone Apps discoverer, Multimedia software evaluator. He can be contacted at http://twitter.com/#!/Dig4you.


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